Vaporite Solo Vaporizer

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Vaporite Solo Vaporizer

The Vaporite Solo is a great little desktop box style dry herb vaporizer that's easy on your wallet. It offers precise temperature control and the ability to vape hands-free.


On the front of the vaporizer is a digital display that shows the selected temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Adjustment of the temperature is controlled via the circular dial on the front making it easy to accurately select your desired heat setting.

Temperature Control

Whilst waiting for the Vaporite Solo to heat up you can prepare your herbs using a grinder. Once you have a fine grind, pack the herbs into the glass wand. Then when the selected temperature has been reached, place the wand over the ceramic heater and start inhaling from the whip.


Keeping your Vaporite clean and performing well takes little maintenance. The mouthpiece, glass wand, and stainless steel screen can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Your whip tubing will need replacing after long periods of use.