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This is the Official BUKKET. Imagine hitting something as smooth as bong without water? not possible, it cant be possible. Well, it is possible. So this BUKKET looks like a deflated accordion, then it expands as its being filled with smoke.

How to use the BUKKET

All you need is the BUKKET, dry herbs and a lighter, that's all. Grinder up the dry herbs put the ground herbs into the bowl, light them you will see the BUKKET inflate. this means that you're doing it right. When the BUKKET is fully inflated, take out the mouthpiece and put the bowl into the bowl holder. Put your mouth around the mouthpiece and inhale. You don't have to put pressure on it as when you inhale the BUKKET will deflate. 


Award Winning

The Bukket’s first foray into the spot light was in the 2001 High Times Cup in Amsterdam where it was recognised as the best waterless gravity bong on the market; a title it holds to this day!