Santa Cruz Shredder - 4 Piece Grinder

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Santa Cruz Shredder - 4 Piece Grinder

Manufactured in Santa Cruz, CA, USA these 4 piece herb grinders have been crafted to the highest standards. Each aspect has been focused upon to give you the easiest grinding experience possible.


Every shredder has been meticulously formed from a medical grade aluminum which has then been cleansed ultrasonically, giving the surfaces a lasting quality. Other grinders which use raw, untreated aluminum are much more prone to scratches, chipping and the dreaded cross-threading. On the top and bottom rims, multiple little grips have been etched around the diameter to provide a better grip for those extra sticky herbs that need a little more encouragement.


Getting to work on your herbs is a series of uniquely shaped, interlocking teeth. These push the herbs between one another with every twist causing the herbs to push against one another and break apart without clumping together. The result is evenly ground, fluffy herbs. The teeth in all Santa Cruz grinders are guaranteed for life so you should never need another grinder again!


Once the herbs have been broken down to a suitable size they'll fall through the small holes and onto the fine filter screen below. This will then filter the herbs further onto the catcher below which can be later collected with the help of the included tool.


Holding your Santa Cruz Shredder together are powerful 'Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets' .... and breathe. These don't only hold your lid super secure but they also help prevent odors escaping & accidental spills.

There's a choice of 14 different colors to choose from in the drop-down menu.


Small: 1 5/8" (41m)

Medium: 2 1/8" (54mm)

Large 2 3/4" (70mm)

Jumbo 4" (101mm)