RTP PROFESSIONAL Series - Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Press

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RTP PROFESSIONAL Series Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Tech Heat Press

This particular Rosin Press is an RTP Professional Series single Ram Pneumatic Press which is capable of delivering over 8000 pounds of pressure. The RTP professional Series single ram pneumatic Rosin Press comes equipped with a 4 X 8 heating plate area which allows for significant production and fantastic yield.

Rosin Press - Features

This particular Rosin Press is built for heavy duty pressing and can achieve top quality yield. When looking to buy a Rosin Press, one of the first things people look to see is the pressing mechanism, which is usually a choice between either a hydraulic or pneumatic pressing. Both of these types of presses achieve similar results and are highly efficient and get the job done without too much strain or effort. Pneumatic Presses do come with a slightly higher price tag, although it is argued that they do yield a slightly higher oil result.

Check the Pneumatic Rosin Press in action!

RTP Professional Series Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Press - Specifications

  • Heat Press Style: Pneumatic
  • 4" x 8" Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Plates
  • Gauge Reading: Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Automatic Timer
  • Temperature Range: 0° - 482º F
  • Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts | 800 Watts | 7.3 Amps
  • Shipping Dimensions: 35 inches by 17 inches by 19 inches; Weight: 155 lbs
  • RTP Operating Manual Included