Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer Kit

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Finally available in Canada after much anticipation, the Pulsar APX is small but strong. 

This palm-sized, portable wax vaporizer is only 3.5 inches tall making it very discreet and easy to use on-the-go! Using an 1100mAh battery, this vaporizer quickly heats up the triple quartz coil atomizer in only 5 seconds! The pure quartz heating chamber distributes heat evenly and efficiently allowing vapor to stay inside the super-strong borosilicate glass mouthpiece. Welcome to 5-second dabs!

Note: For USB chargers, the charger will be a USB cable suitable for charging within your country. The plug will be for the vaporizer manufacturers country, you may need to use a USB plug to go directly into a Canadian plug socket.

Design and Features


For the price this vape comes in at, you’re getting a very well-built and very dependable vaporizer. A part of this is due to its small size which allows it to get the most out of the strong build materials it’s made out of.

Built in a standard Mod Box design, but built purely for waxes, the Pulsar APX is one of the smallest vaporizers you’ll ever find. At just 3.5” tall and 1.5” wide, you’ll find it difficult to find something more discreet. This vape can easily hide inside a bag or your pocket or even just clenched in the palm of your hand. The vapes real treat is the triple quartz coil inside of the chamber which allows for incredibly quick heat in a very short amount of time. The chamber is also large enough that you can enjoy big globs of wax at a time.


There's nothing really special about this vape in terms of any extras or advancements in the industry. The Box Mod design was a great choice as you can replace or repair parts separately. You may also have the option for customization if the accessory or part has the right connection. Really, this vape was designed to be dependable, nice tasting, efficient, fast and very simple to use. All of that was to keep the price down, which makes this vape great for the price it comes in at.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer
  • 1 x Silicone Wax Container
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide