Killer Bongs Mr. Black

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Killer Bongs - Mr. Black

This is the Official Mr. Black bong from Killer Bongs. Killer bongs are well known for there good, killer bongs. The make some serious looking bongs. The bong is made out of Acrylic which is great for storage and cleaning the bong. The way the bong is made from acrylic you will be able to store it anywhere and not have to worry about it smashing because acrylic glass is usually shatterproof.

Cleaning the bong

When it comes to cleaning the bong all you need to do is pop it in the dishwasher as its dishwasher friendly. if you dont have a dishwaher all you will need is some isopropyl alcohol and some fresh water, mix the together, pour it into the bong and give it a good swirl until all the colouring is gone pour the solution back into a jar and use the solution again for the bowl. leave the bowl in there for 1 to 2 hours until its clean. then rinse with fresh water and dry off with the paper towel. Remember the cleaner the bong is the cleaner the hits are.