Bushmaster Liquid Ice Water Bong

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Bushmaster Liquid Ice Water Bong

This is the Official Liquid Ice Water Bong from Bushmaster. The way you use this bong is you place the bong into the freezer for 15-20 minutes until the Liquid is frozen. Then you can also put ice into the bong to make it extra cool. The perks off putting ice into the bong the user will be inhaling nothing put cool, smooth hits everytime. 

How to clean the bong

All you need to clean your bong is Isopropyl Alcohol and some water, mix the two together and pour into the bong, keep swirling until all coloring and dried herbs are removed. Instead of throwing out the mixture, pour it into a jar and put the bowl of the bong into the mixture and leave for an hour or two to give it a good clean. Remember the cleaner the bong is the cleaner the hits will be. 



  • Height: 271mm
  • Joint: Female
  • Mouthpiece: Straight
  • Material: Glass