Levo ll Oil Infuser

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Levo is the industry leader in infused cannabis oil appliances.  You will enjoy the sleek design and small footprint of the Levo ll.  Designed to make edibles easy, this device is a must for consumers who want to make baking and oil extraction a breeze.

If you have made cannaoil or butter to make your brownies or cooking oil, you know that the entire process can take up to 2 hours and a lot of manual work over the stove.

Using the Levo 2 is simple.  You put your material in the dry herb chamber pod and then select the infusion mode and walk away.  Cleaning is also quick as the parts are dishwasher safe.

Make Cannaoil and Cannabutter

Designed to streamline oil and butter infusion, the LEVO 2 offers the same automated dry herb extraction of its predecessor but comes with new features and upgraded technology. Boasting three settings in one machine, the LEVO II now unlocks flavor, aroma, and more before infusion begins. An upgraded silicone stirrer gently mixes without aerating, ensuring longer shelf life. A slanted, ceramic-coated reservoir enables you to seamlessly wick out your infusions. Control your sessions via the LEVO app, going beyond infusion with the push of a button.

To activate the compounds in cannabis, the material has to be heated to a certain temperature (a process called decarboxylation).  This is the same process that your dry herb vaporizer uses to releases CDB, THC etc.  The LEVO 2 comes with a new feature that allows you to complete this process separately from making oil or butter.

If this is outside of your budget, try the original Levo Oil Infuser.  

What's In The Box

  • 1x Levo II Oil Infuser
  • 1x Silicone Stirrer
  • 1x Power Pod
  • 1x Ceramic-Coated Reservoir
  • Creates Infused Oils & Butters
  • New Dry & Activate Settings
  • Unlocks Compounds Before Infusion
  • Power Pod Doubles Flavor, Aroma, & More
  • Ceramic-Coated Reservoir for Easy Removal
  • Smartphone App
  • No Aeration For Longer Shelf Life
  • Creates Up To 16 oz Infusions
  • Silicone Stirrer
  • Dishwasher-Safe Components