Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Coiled Shower Head Perc

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Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Coiled Shower Head Perc

This is the Official 12” Grav Labs Flare Stemless w/ Coil-Showerhead from Grav Labs. The Grav Labs are the top dogs when it comes to make glass bongs. The bong is made out of glass and has Grav Labs decals on the bong. This is an epic looking bong.


The features of the 12” Grav Labs Flare are, the bong is Stemless w/Coil-Showerhead, it has a 14mm joint where the bowl sits into.

Easy to Use and Maintenance

When it comes to using the Grav Labs it's pretty simple to use. For the bowl side all you must do it grind up some of your favourite herbs with your grinder. Then all you must do is place the herbs into the bowl and light and your good to smoke. The nail side you will have to attach a nail attachment to the other bowl, use a torch or a lighter to heat up the attachment then drop the wax onto the attachment and then your good to go.

When it comes to cleaning the bong, its as simple as using the bong, all you need is some Isopropyl alcohol, fresh water and some paper towel, mix the water and isopropyl solution together and pour it into the bong! Mix around the solution at the bottom of the bong to get rid of any dried in herbs. Empty the solution into a sink and rinse out the bong with and paper dry it. When it comes to the mouthpiece leave it soaking in the mixture, then take it out the solution and rinse well, then dry off with the paper towels. The cleaner the bong the cleaners the hits will be.