G Pro Mouthpiece

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G Pro Vaporizer Replacement Mouthpiece

A replacement or extra mouthpiece for the G Pro Portable Vaporizer. Whether you're in need of a new mouthpiece, have a couple on the go, or just want a spare in case yous happens to go missing, we're here for you! This G Pro Vaporizer Mouthpiece is ideal for keeping aside for a rainy day, even as a backup for your current one!
We all know how fiddly little pieces of vaporizers can be, and that's why we are dedicated to helping customers find replacement accessories for their weed vapes. Mouthpieces especially can be difficult to find, especially after a long session! That's why we have one of the largest accessories sections available in Canada today.

Simply click the new mouthpiece onto your G Pro Vape and get ready to go! They're easily adjustable and can be removed and swapped on the go in mear seconds.



  • 1 x G Pro Vape Mouthpiece
    1 x G Pro Vape Filter with Removable Filter Screen
  • Please Note: Only suitable for use with an authentic G Pro Portable Herbal Vaporizer.