Crafty / Mighty Glass Mouthpiece

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Crafty / Mighty Glass Mouthpiece:

In need of a glass mouthpiece for your crafty/mighty vaporizer?

This replacement glass mouthpiece for crafty/mighty vaporizer allows you to experience incredibly smooth, fresh & full flavored hits from your favorite crafty/mighty vaporizer.

Replace your plastic crafty or mighty mouthpiece with glass mouthpiece for a cool, tastier and smoother hit.

How to Install Crafty/Mighty Glass Mouthpiece?

Simply hold onto the gasket at the base of the mouthpiece, and firmly twist it into the opening on the cooling unit of your crafty/mighty vaporizer’s

Crafty / Mighty Glass Mouthpiece Features:

  • Get Smoother, tastier Vape
  • Cools down the vapour for enhanced experience
  • Fresh flavour


 1 X Glass Mouthpiece.