Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

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Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

Cloud V brings you a sturdy design coupled with an great function. This portable e-nail is the perfect alternative for your traditional nail setup. With an ergonomic design, powerful battery, speedy heat-up functionality, we are confident you are going to enjoy using the Cloud V Electro vaporizer for your concentrates/waxes anytime, anywhere!

Technical Information - Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

Compatibility Concentrates
Storage capacity Not informed by manufacturer
Preconfigured temperature levels 2 levels
Initial heating 15 seconds
Heating system Conduction
Heating chamber material Titanium
External coating material Plastic
Battery capacity Approximately 60 minutes
Battery functions Approximately 7 hours
Compatibility with chargers Power supply
Compatibility with smartphone applications No
Other functions Glass accessory for water included
Approximate dimensions (AxLxP) 28cm X 4cm X 4cm
Approximate weight 540 grams
Warranty 1 year for manufacturing

Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail Canada - Heating and Temperature

The Cloud V Electro Enail comes with 2 temperature settings. The first is the blue Setting which heats up to 800F and the second is the red setting which reaches 1000F. The blue setting would be standard for dabs while the red would be for thicker, hotter dabs. These are also called "hot and hurty" dabs.

Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail Canada - Design

The Cloud V Electro follows the very simple but very effective design elements that most portable E-Nails have been following lately. With the advancement of concentrates and waxes within the last few years there has been a gap for efficient and high-quality products to use them with. The Electro e-Nail easily broke into our favorites list, and with good reason! Truly durable and rechargeable, they can withstand quite a lot so get ready to keep this one around for years! The Cloud Electro has a 1.6" diameter and a 11" height. It has 6000mAh rechargeable battery capacity and titanium dish nail.

The Cloud V Electro comes equipped with wither a straight arm or a side arm aqua bubbler to give yourself the freshest hits. water filtration is a must with Nails, be them electro or otherwise, and with Cloud V's splash-proof, percolated bubbler, your vapor is going to be incredibly pure and cool to the taste.

Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail Canada - Features

The Cloud V Electro Enail vape sits on top of a wide, charging base to keep the vape both safe and in power. The Enail has pass through charging which means you can use it while docked into this base. The real benefit of this portable Enail however is the ability to detach it from the base and carry it around with you, meaning you really can dab anywhere. When taken out of the charger, the internal battery of the Cloud V Electro vape will grant you 45 minutes of constant vaping. Perfect amount of time for a long session with your friends.

The bubbler the Enail comes with is incredibly well designed. its effective at filtering out all of the remaining carcinogens. The design goes as so far as to make it completely splash proof. What's more, it comes as standard, not as an accessory, so your sure to be enjoying it soon.

Included with the Cloud V Electro:

  • 1 x Cloud Electro Battery
  • 1 x Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler (straight)
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Charging Adapter
  • 1 x Cloud V Pro Tool
  • 2 x Nails (12mm)
  • 1 x Owner's Manual

Note: For USB chargers, the charger will be a USB cable suitable for charging within Canada. The plug will be for the vaporizer manufacturers country, you may need to use a USB plug to go directly into a plug socket. There's not other website on this earth that can offer you the insane dab products like we do! Make sure to check out the smaller member of the Cloud V family.