Chube silicone grinder

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Chewy Grinders have created the world's first 100% silicone grinder, the Chube. It makes light work of up to 6 grams of dry herbs at a time using a system of interlocking silicone teeth that give an even, fine grind. 

Operating the Chube has been made as simple as possible so that even people with limited use of their hands can grind down their herbs. Once you've filled it with the required amount of herbs you can begin the grinding by rubbing the body back and forth between you palms. It can even be operated using one hand and a flat surface, or even under foot. 

The food-grade silicone is so tough and durable you should never find yourself having to replace it. The cap at the end can be fully removed for filling the body and there's a convenient built-in pour hole for direct loading. 

Its flexible design means it can easily fit into most pockets or be hidden away at the bottom of a bag. For those that need added stealth the Chube has you covered as it's also smell and waterproof!