Bong Straight Cylinder

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Bong Straight Cylinder

This is the Official Straight Cylinder Bong. This bong is made out of Art Glass. This glass piece would definitely be one to add to glass collections if you're a glassware collector. As you can see from the photos of the bong, you will notice that the bong has no decals or any mad designs on the glass, this just shows that the bong doesnt decals and designs to be sold. 

High Quality Glass

Art Glass provide premium quality bongs with fantastic functionality. They thread the line between tradition and innovation perfectly, offering classic bongs with modern twists. The average thickness of the glass they use is 3.2mm, the standard the German glass legends Roor conform to with their famous ‘Little Sista’ bongs

A truly fantastic piece at a shockingly low price. Whether you’re looking for you first bong or to add to your collection, this is the perfect piece for you!