Art Glass Bong 2-Piece Recliner 18.8

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Bong 2-Piece Recliner 18.8

This the Official 2-Piece Recliner 18.8 Bong. This bong is definitely the definition of Simplicity, what i meant by that is, you wont find any mad decals or crazy colors or patterns to try sell a few of the bongs. This is just one retro bong.

Cleaning the bong

When cleaning your bong all you need to get is Isopropyl Alcohol and Water into a jar. Pour the solution into the bong and give it a good swirl around the base of the bong, this will remove any coloring and dried in herbs that that might be there after a session. After cleaning the bong instead of throwing out the mixture pour it into a jar and put in the bowl into it, leave it for an hour or so this will clean it. Remember the cleaner the bong the cleaner the hits will be.