Blunt Bubbler Pendant

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Blunt Bubbler Pendant

This is the Official Blunt Bubbler Pendant, this bubbler is made out of Borosilicate Glass. The best way to use the Bubbler is pour some water into the bubbler, and place the joint into the slot provided and you are ready to use it, be warned this small bubbler packs a serious punch so youve being warned. 

Usually when smoking joints you put the joint to your mouth and inhale, sometimes you will get some herbs in your mouth with some heavy smoke which will result in your choking and coughing and once you start coughing you ain't stopping. At least with using the bubbler your going to be getting cool and smooth hits everytime, time after time. 

How to clean your Bubbler

Make sure you empty your bubbler from any liquids, then you will need to things, Isopropyl Alcohol and Fresh Water, mix the two together. Pour the mixture into the bubbler and give it a good swirl until any colouring and dried herbs are removed.