Dude Beaker Glass Bong Set Small

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Dude Beaker Glass Bong Set Small

This is the Official Beaker Glass Bong Set by Dude, the Beaker Glass is definitely one piece of glass i would recommend to any glass collector to pick up as its one of a kind. The bong doesn't come alone, the bong comes with the a pack of skins, pack of roaches, 2 piece grinder and a branded lighter. This all comes in an aluminum case which definitely adds serious value but your getting all this for less then $40! 40 DOLLARS!!! 

If you're a beginner to the bong world, or even an experienced bong user, this is definitely the bundle for you.  


What’s in the Box + Specs

  • Classic beaker base bong
  • Dude Glass logo
  • Chillum downstem with attached funnel bowl
  • Ideal downtube length: 8.5cm / 3.35 inches
  • Carb hole
  • Matching acrylic grinder, 5 metal screens and lighter included