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Acrylic Bubble Grip Bong

This is an Official Acrylic Bubble Grip Bong, this bong has two strong benefits to it, the first one would be the grip on it, it will save it slipping out of your hand when your using it. The next strong benefit of the bong is the way its made from Acrylic which means they're shatter proof, this means you can store the bong wherever you like and not have to worry about it falling and smashing. The bong is also dishwater friendly which means cleaning it is so simple, throw it into the dishwasher and you're good to go. The only part you will have to clean on the bong is the bowl, which all you need is some Isopropyl Solution and Water, mix the two together in a jar and then put in the bowl, leave for an hour or so this will clean the bowl of any coloring or dried in herbs. Dry off the bowl with some paper and you're ready for your next session. Remember the cleaner the bogn is, the cleaner the session will be.