16" Grav Labs Beaker

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16" Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe

This is the Official 16” Beaker Water Pipe from Grav Labs, this bong comes with a clear glass look with Grav Labs decal on it.


The bong is 16” in height and the base of the bong is 3.5”. When you look at the bong you will notice that there is like an indent on the bongs, this allows the user to put some ice cubes into the neck on the bong, this will give you nothing, but nice cool hits and it will fell like you’re not even hitting the bong. Its not as rough on the throat like a normal bong would be.

How to clean your bong

Cleaning your bong can be a tricky job but with these steps I will turn that tricky job into a simple job. For cleaning the bong all you will need, is some fresh water, isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution and some paper towels. Mix the water and the cleaning together. Pure the solution into the bong and give it a good swirl every few minutes, this will get rid of any colouring on the bong. When you feel that the base of the bong is clean, inside of pouring the solution out into the sink, pure it into a jar or a glass, then take out the mouthpiece and put it into the jar. Now rinse out the bong with some clean water and dry it with the paper towels. After an hour or so take out the mouthpiece and leave it sitting on the paper towel. Then give it a rinse under a tap and dry off with some clean paper towel. Now you’re good to go. Remember the cleaner the bong that cleaner the hits of the bong