About Us

What is the best way to smoke pot in Canada?  

As cannabis becomes legalized in Canada, vaporizers are gaining popularity in the smoking community.  We realize that this website should technically be called "Vape Pot Canada", but we felt that we wanted to convert current smokers to vaporizers.  So we ended up building a site for both smokers and current vapers.

We felt that a lot of people are looking for a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana.  Vaporizers offered the perfect solution as they are portable and hide the smell usually generated be smoking traditional joints.  Now you can walk around in public without receiving those embarrassing stares and giggles.  

As occasional smokers, we also enjoyed the smoother vapour inhale versus the throat irritating smoke caused by burning the weed.

Why Choose Smoke Pot Canada?

We ship exclusively to Canada which means we understand the unique market and deal with premier Canadian suppliers.

Unlike other online retailers, we are highly accessible and have a PRICE MATCH guarantee.  Have a question or found a better deal online?  Send us an email: shop@smokepotcanada.com

The availability of quality brand names can be difficult to find on line.  Our product line consists of only of reliable brands, which ensures that you are buying a product that performs the way you want to and will last.  We are an AUTHORIZED re-seller of all major labels in Canada.

Our expert panel of vape users are available to answer any product question you have about your purchase.  Choosing the right vaporizer doesn't have to be a challenging task.  As these products aren't widely available in brick and mortar stores, is important that you are comfortable with your product's features.

FREE shipping is offered on all orders over $100.

All products are shipped in discreet non labelled boxes for those that require anonymity.  Our brand name does not appear on any packaging shipped to your door.  As an added bonus, your credit card statement will not show any mention of marijuana.  No one will know that you purchased a vaporizer until they see yours and want one!

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