Storz and Bickel Canada

The first thing to notice about a Storz and Bickel vaporizer is special design of each product.  Every vape looks like it is built for power and durability.  Make no mistake, these vapes are built for performance first and portability and style second.

It is what's under the hood that counts and that is why The Mighty and Volcano Vaporizers top the list of best portable and desktop vapes year after year.  And let's not forget about the Crafty and Plenty vaporizers that serve up the same performance but a lighter on the bank account.

The heating elements slowly extract terpenes and other cannabinoids out of your herb to produce the most satisfying session.  Speed is not the goal with Storz products; quality and efficiency is the focus.

Each unit is also built to handle your cannabis oil, waxes and other concentrates.  This is one of the few vapes that is able to do both extracts and dry herb well.

The accessories available are outstanding and cover everything from dose size with the dosing capsules or transportation with their keychain containers.  They have truly thought of everything.

Mighty Medic and Volcano Medic

In 2014, the Volcano was name the world's first certified medical vaporizer.  This is due to the design of each unit that produces a purified vapour path facilitated by their hybrid-heated oven.  Since this time the only other official medical device is the Mighty Medic.

It is clear that if you love vaping, the Storz and Bickel brand is always apart of the conversation.