Rosin Press

What is a rosin press used for?

Rosin is one of the best concentrates due to it's clean taste, strong potency and high yield.  A rosin press is used to extract the sap like material from flower, kief, or trim.  The rosin is then consumed using a dab rig, e nail or vaporizer.

Rosinbomb Rosin Press

How does a rosin press work?

A rosin press uses heat, pressure and time to extract the resinous sap from your cannabis.  The technique to produce different textures of rosin relies on varying these three factors.  A higher heat produces an oilier product.  The herb is placed on parchment paper or rosin bag and placed into the device.  The machine uses two metal plates that are heated to a desired temperature and pressed for a pre-determined amount of time.  

What is the best temp for rosin?

Cold Press: 160°F - 190°F, with a time between 1 and 5 minutes, which often produces a budder or batter consistency. Flavourful terpene production, but often lower yield.

Hot Press: 190°F - 220°F, with a time between :45 seconds and 3 minutes, which frequently produces an oil-like or shatter consistency. Higher yield than cold press.