Digibake Portable Herb Smart Vaporizer

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Digibake Portable Smart Vaporizer

Digibake is a sleek and subtle portable vaporizer which is designed for use with dry herbs materials. The Digibake Vaporizer has many great features some of which include: ceramic oven, adjustable temperature settings and rapid heat up times.

Digibake Portable Herb Smart Vaporizer

Design and Features

Digibake Portable Smart Vaporizer - Features

  • Portable Vaporizer
  • Adjustable Heat Settings - Gives you more control over your vaping experience
  • Ceramic Chamber - Great for producing quality, pure vapor
  • Full Digital Display
  • Rapid Heat Up Time - Which means no more waiting around, vapor on demand!
  • Powerful Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Complete Starter Kit

Digibake Portable Smart Vaporizer - Sleek Design

The Digibake Vape is brought to us from the EDIT Collection. The Digibake vaporizer is designed to be portable, compact, robust and above all, discreet. The finish that is on the Digibake Vape allows the vape to feel stealthy and hidden, while this combines nicely with the advanced LED display. The Digibake Vape also comes with an intuitive control system which allows users to use this vape easily and quickly.

Digibake Portable Smart Vaporizer - Ceramic Oven

The Digibake Vape has a heating chamber that is made from a ceramic material. This ceramic material helps to ensure that all hits are clean, pure and completely untainted by plastic tastes or metallic tinges or any other carcinogens which may stem from electric components.

Digibake Portable Smart Vaporizer - Ready To Go

The Digibake Vape comes packaged as a complete kit so you will be ready to begin Vaping as soon as you get it! What is included with the Digibake Vaporizer is: a wall adapter, retractable USB charger, mesh screens, a metal packing tool and a cleaning kit.