We have a great selection of smoking pipes!  Although this is primarily a vaporizer store, we still get the urge every so often to kick it old school.  For the consumer looking for a variety of options, from high end Marley Glass to quick one hitters, we have a product for to meet every style.  The choice is yours; spoon, metal, aluminum and even wood.


Bubblers are a small version of bongs and typically a cross-over between bongs & glass pipes.

Bubblers are just tinier versions of bongs and look like a mixture between and bong and glass pipe.  Known for their portability and affordability, these pipes will diffuse your smoke through water, giving you a nice, smooth, clean hit.


Smoke Pot Canada has a great looking collection of glass pipes for sale in Canada.

Glass pipes come in a variety of designs that you can use to express your personality.  Make a statement to your friends by selecting a vividly coloured ribbon pipe or show off your GQ style with a sophisticated Marley Glass selection.


These are one of the most popular designs in pipes.  It looks like you could eat your cornflakes with this model, however, you will be impressed by the beautiful choice of colour and sizes.


A dugout is generally a wooden container with two parts; a one hitter and storage chamber for tobacco or dry flower.  The benefits of this box is that it holds all of the parts required for your session; the herb, and dugout bat. The latter is the device used to smoke your cannabis.


A chillum is one of the most popular types of pipe and are created from clay, glass, wood or stone.  They are similar to a one hitter and have a direct pathway from bowl to mouthpiece. They are known for their bowl which is wider at the end compared to the mouthpiece.


One hitters are smaller versions of glass pipes, but are rounder all the way done to the mouthpiece.  They can take the form of cigarettes with a hollow end or a glass tube with a wooden mouthpiece.  They are designed for users who need a quick hit and are very affordable. A taster is a popular model of a one hitter pipe.

Which type is right for you?  Like purchasing a dry herb vaporizer or bong, this always comes down to personal preference.  Frequency of use, style, portability and budget are all factors that you will need to consider prior to choosing a pipe