Mad Scientist Multi Chamber Glass Bong

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Mad Scientist Multi-Chamber Glass Bong

This is the Official Multi-Chamber Glass Bong by Mad Scientist. When you first see the bong the first thing that you will say is what the hell? yeah, I was the same when I saw it for the first time. The base of the tube is a rubber base which can be removed for cleaning purpose. The bowl of the bong fits into the bong, you can also your own personal favourite bowl. The bong works like any other bong its just this one looks different. 

Cleaning the bong

Since the bong is made out of Borosilicate Glass you will have to use Isopropyl Alcohol and some Fresh Water. Mix the two together and pour into the bong, give it a good swirl until the colouring is gone. Rinse it out with fresh water from the tap. Dry it off with some paper towel. For the bowl, I would recommend reusing the solution that you have created for the bong and leave the bowl in the mixture to clean leave it there for an hour or so then take it out and rinse it off. Dry it off with Paper towel.