Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizer Canada

If you usually vape at home or with a group of friends then a desktop vaporizer could be for you.  These vapes are built for mass consumption, and due to their size, produce some of the best flavour and vapour in the market.  There's no need to worry about battery life and speeding up your session.  Sit back, plug in your vape and enjoy your time.  Don't settle for a cheap desktop model on Amazon, choose a top rated brand name from an authorized retailer.

The legendary Volcano vaporizer has been the top selection of home vapers for years due to it's German engineered heating element and reliability.  Other quality, budget-friendly products like the Arizer Extreme Q, V Tower and Da Buddha will also be your best friend when you are chilling out on your couch.  What is the best desktop vaporizer?  Do your research your choice below to discover which one is best for you.

Want Concentrates?

Desktop's are not just limited to dry flower.  If extracts are your ideal choice, then check out the Puffco Peak or the Dr. Dabber Switch.  Both are easy to use and can be unplugged and carried around the room during your session.