Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000

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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000

When Higher Standards were looking to collaborate to create this torch there was only one manufacturer that would meet their requirements, Blazer.

The Big Shot Torch is precisely engineered in Japan and is capable of a massive 35 minutes of burn time at its maximum temperature. You can easily adjust the output using the control fitted to the back of the torch up to produce a flame up to 8 inches long our of the brass anti-flare nozzle.

This can rapidly reach temperatures of 2500°F (1371°C) which will make light work of heating your nails to the optimal temperature and it can even be operated upside-down without the worry of a blow-out.

The torch requires a standard butane canister and has a fully capacity of 35 grams. A detachable base is included to prevent any accidents after use.

Burn Time

Burning at its top level temperature The Big Shot Torch can sustain its heating power for up to 35 minutes. It requires a portable butane canister and can be easily adjustable using the controls on the side to find the right temperature for you. Use the adjustable control fitted to the back of the torch to get a supreme amount of control on your flame.

Temperature Ranges

Blazer have brought you a torch that can reach a max temperature of 2500 degrees fahrenheit. With this level of heat there’s no problem in heating your nails to your desired temperature. Even turned upside down it works with no problems you encounter with other torches. 


The torch weighs around 9 and a half ounces and requires a butane canister of 35 grams. That’s a larger size than many other torches out there providing you with as much as heat as you’re going to need. But even with its bigger size the Big Shot GT8000 fills up much quicker than ordinary models meaning you can get dabbing that much quicker.