Boundless Canada

Boundless Technology are known for their wide range of flavour producing, easy to use, consumer friendly portable vaporizers.  

Looking for a conduction heating or convection heating vaporizer? Boundless has created a full line up to provide you with every type of heating option.  The Boundless CFX is the best of both worlds offering a hybrid convection/conduction heating element.  The Tera and CFV are great for bigger clouds and those looking for a convection model.  And finally the Boundless CF is for those who love a pure conduction oven.

If you are a vaper on the go, try the Boundless CFC 2.0 vape pen.  

It is clear that if you are in the market for a vape that has temperature degree control, removable batteries, portability, smooth taste, big clouds or stealth, then Boundless has a model for you.