Bongs Canada

Smoke Pot Canada stocks a wide variety of bongs to compliment your vaporizer and diversify your session.  You can use a bong as a standalone or use a 14mm or 18mm adapter to connect to your vape for the ultimate experience.

There are many different types of bongs to choose from; percolators, ice bongs, bubblers, beaker bongs and straight tube styles to name a few.

Why smoke from a bong?

When you rip a bong hit, the smoke is filtered through a water filled path that provides a cool, crisp, fresh taste and big clouds.  The water cools down the smoke and filters out some of the ash and tar that you would normally inhale with a joint.  This is the smoothest way, other than vaping, to consume cannabis.  If you want an easy to load hard hitting toke, leave the water out and get an unfiltered taste.

Where can I get cheap bongs?

We prefer to use the term ''cost effective'', but there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap bong.  The cheapest bong is a homemade gravity bong.  You can make one at home with two empty pop bottles.  We aren't in the business of ''free'', but you can click on the the gravity bong link to get a step by step instruction. 

Generally, acrylic bongs are lighter on the wallet than glass bongs or heady glass.  With this type of bong you won't have to worry about breaking it and losing your investment.  Most acrylic bongs are dishwasher friendly, so they are easy to maintain.  You are only going to have to clean the bowl every now and then with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Glass Bongs

There are so many types of glass bongs that they really deserve their own article.  You should consider the thickness of your glass when choosing the right product for your needs.  Thickness ranges from 3mm to 9mm with the latter being heavier and more durable.  Users appreciate the classic look and clean look of the glass pieces.

What are the best bongs?

This is a matter of personal preference.  Are you going to be travelling around with your piece or do you want something that you can show around?  If the first case is true, then you may want to pick an acrylic model, but if you want more of a show piece then pick a glass bong.  There are a ton of selections to choose from which makes these highly personable.  If you want a rainbow bong, choose a pistol grip bong, if you want a cute bong grab a Kitty Love Bong or if you want a high end one choose a Cheech Bong or Marley Glass.  What is clear is that there is a piece for everyone.