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Kitty Love Bong

What are the best things in life? Smoking herbs? Trailer Park Boys? Cats!? How about all 3 combined into one awesome piece of kit. That's what the amazing designers at Famous Brandz have given us and we're sure you'll be just as happy with it as we are!

Kitty Love Bong Features

  • Official Trailer Park Boys Merchandise
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • High quality glass
  • Removeable bowl and downstem
  • Cats!
  • Textured neck

Here kitty, kitty...

The beaker style base is a great way of keeping your precious bong sturdy as the wide, flat base gives the whole piece a much lower centre of gravity compared to most traditionally shaped bongs. In the base of the neck is an ice pinch so you can add ice cube to cool the smoke down before it enters your lungs. Surrounding the beaker base are various cat faces and everyone's favourite character, Bubbles.