edit 4 piece herb grinder with rotary crank handle

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This is an amazing 4 piece herb grinder with rotary crank handle and sifter by edit. It is made from high-grade metal and uses a turning handle to make grinding easier, finer and better. With the most important bit being that there is less chance the bottom falls off and your heart drops.

This exclusive online only grinder has a see through top and a cool sifter screen into a storage compartment. It is 63mm in diameter and comes in one of 2 colours on namaste. Gun Metal and Purple.

4 Part Grinder

This is a 4-part grinder. Its first 2 compartments create a multi-level grinding system that grinds your dry herbs to be consistent and very fine.The bottom compartment is separated by the sifter screen and helps to catch pollen or other material that

The bottom compartments are the pollen catcher and a storage container.

Brand edit
Material Aluminium
Teeth Diamond
Colour Gun Metal, Purple
Diameter 63mm
Parts 4-Part
Type 4 Part - Rotary Crank