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Maximize your vaporizer performance by selecting the right grinder for your device.  Like pairing a fine wine with dinner, choosing the proper grinder will enhance your vaping session.  Some vaporizers like the Pax 3, like a fine grind, while others like the Solo 2 can handle a coarse grind.  A grinder is a tool with sharp teeth that is used to break up your bud prior to consumption.  This improves airflow and vapour quality.

Best Weed Grinder

We carry a wide selection of brand name grinders, sifters and shredders.  Built to last, the titanium and aluminum grinders are for everyday users due to their strong build.  Top names like Santa Cruz Shredders, and Aeropaced Grinders and Storz and Bickel lead the way in grinder performance.  Or choose from our convenient, on the go acrylic grinders from  tight budget, then the Grizzly Originals are for you.

2 Part Grinder

These grinders will do the job for any consumer looking to quickly prepare their cannabis.  The pros of this option are price and availability.  The drawback is the single comportment does not separate all of your sticks, stems, kief and leaves.  This will do for durable vapes or some convection models, where contact with the heating chamber isn't as important.

3 Part and 4 Part Grinders

The multi chamber grinders are becoming more and more popular in the industry.  The extra sections and screens are designed to separate the larger pieces from the smaller pieces, so you can choose what to put in your vape.  A key feature of these models this the separation of the kief from the rest of your herb.  Kief has a high concentration of cannabinoids and packs a huge punch when consumed on its own.

How to Grind Weed

Once you have selected the right grinder, it is important to follow a couple of simple rules when grinding your cannabis.

1. Take off the top of the lid and break apart your bud into smaller pieces.  Avoid the middle where there are no teeth, as your material may get stuck here.  Focus distributing the bits amongst the teeth.

2. Replace the top and give the grinder 8-10 rotations.  Give it a little tap half way through to loosen up any of the bigger pieces.

3. Unscrew the upper chamber that contains the teeth.  Your cannabis should be ready for your vape or bong.

4. For 3 part grinders and above you will find your kief in the lower portion.  Use a kief scraper and put this in a container to be used separately.  It will super charge your session.