Vaporizers for Beginners- Oh, Cannabis-Part 1

With Canadian legalization coming into effect in October 2018, many inexperienced Canadians are wondering; how do I get high?  Now if you are a regular user of marijuana you are probably beyond this article; however, if you are an infrequent 'toker' then here are some basic needs you will require.

What do I put in my Vaporizer?

Marijuana...this is your first step.  There are many strains of marijuana out there, but I will break it down to the basics.  There are two main types; sativa and indica.  A sativa strain is more of a euphoric feeling that leaves users with a sense of creativity and cerebral high.  Indica, on the other hand, is more of a body high that will leave you relaxed (and a little sleepy) and is great for pain relief.  Most strains today are dominant in one category or the other, but most products are labelled.  So, recap; sativa is a mind high and indica is a body high (think in-da-couch).

There are many forms of marijuana, the two most popular being flower and concentrate.  Flower/Dry Herb, which looks like oregano, is the traditional form you see in movies and TV.  Generally, users appreciate this forms flavour (think smoking a nice cigar) and its traditional nature.  To use this, users will take the "bud" and cut it into fine pieces using scissors or a grinder.  The end product looks similar to tobacco used in cigarettes.  Concentrate, on the other hand, is a term that covers many types; wax, shatter, oil, rosin, honeycomb etc.  Shatter and wax are the most popular today.  The former looks like amber and is smoked by heating it up or "dabbing".  Concentrates are more commonly used by heavy users or those more experienced with marijuana, as the dose is more potent.  Concentrate is essentially an extract of all the good properties of marijuana.  Recap part two; think of the flower as a beer and concentrate as a shot.  I would recommend for any user that they start with flower in a moderate dose and work their way up to a concentrate when they are comfortable.


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