Flowermate V5.0s Pro Review

About Flowermate V5.0s Pro

Our newest review comes courtesy of Flowermate Technology.  Flowermate has a line up that covers the full spectrum for vapers producing easy to use, portable, affordable, hybrid, convection/conduction vapes.  For this review, we will be covering one of the highest recommended products for newbies and connoisseurs alike; the Flowermate V5.0s Pro. This is only one of many great devices in the Flowermate 5.0s series; other favourites include the V5.0s Pro Mini and the V5.0s.

The V5.0s Pro is a hybrid conduction/convection vape, with a ceramic chamber, degree level temperature control and borosilicate glass mouthpiece.  While mainly for dry leaf, the user will be able to vape concentrates with a stainless steel pod.

The V5.0s Pro comes tucked away in a sweet package that allows no room for damage or lost pieces.  The box has a real ‘’cell phone’’ quality feel to the packaging and it is exciting to open as the bottom slowly slides out to reveal the contents.


Right off the bat you will see that it comes with a lot of accessories that will keep you vaping for quite some time.  Inside the box you’ll find a warranty card, two stainless steel chambers (one for dry herb and one for oil/wax), a felt vaporizer carrying bag, extra chamber screens, dab tool, cleaning brush and an extra sliding door.  

I do like the extra chamber screens and sliding door because with heavy usage or prolonged wear and tear you will be glad you don’t have to order an extra piece when you need it.  The other addition I really enjoyed was the dry herb pod. It comes in handy if you are on the go and don’t have time to grind and pack a separate bowl. You can prepare these ahead of time and fire them in the chamber once your original stash is done. This is very similar to the Storz and Bickel dosing capsules that are popular with the Mighty and Crafty.

Getting Started

Before you start you are going to want to do a few burn off cycles to eliminate the oil and chemicals in the chamber that were produced as part of the manufacturing process.  For most dry herb vaporizers, 1 or 2 cycles is enough to get rid of the plastic smell. I found with the Flowermate I needed to run 6 or 8 (I lost count) to get it to a point where the smell was gone.  For the last two cycles, I inserted the glass mouthpiece into the opening to cleanse that too.

The second step before you start vaping is to insert the bottom metal screen into the oven.  One minor issue I encountered was that the chamber screen kept falling out when I cleaned it.  In the end I just left it out of the device and vaped it bare. The bottom screen is the larger of the two screens and will protect material from getting stuck in your oven, which will eventually restrict air flow.  Because the chamber is accessible from the top and bottom I usually just emptied the vaped weed and blew air through in both directions to get rid of any extra herb stuck in the chamber’s holes.

The Flowermate vaporizer comes with a little charge, but will need to be topped up prior to your first session.  To get it up and running takes around 2 hours. Admittedly I assumed it would take longer, but lost track of time, so you can probably get a full charge quicker than that.  I like this as I am pretty impatient and wanted to get started right away.

Loading your Flowermate is fairly easy, as the chamber is wide enough for you to free pour your herb.  You will notice, however, that little pieces of herb and kief get stuck around the edges of the top of the vape.  Just make sure that you blow this off or use the brush to clean the edges on a regular basis. If the chamber is full, put your thumb over the opening and blow off the particles.  You don’t want this to build up over time and cause your sliding door to get stuck.

The chamber is deep and slightly narrow, which I think exposes more of your herb to the conduction oven, maximizing your session.  You will be tempted at first to fill the chamber up all the way to the top, but you must resist! Leave room for the mouthpiece or you will experience a lot of draw resistance.  Stop filling the chamber when you reach the bottom of the silicone grommet.

Like most cannabis vaporizers, the Flowermate V5.0s Pro likes a fine grind.  Now, this is where the dab tool comes in handy. Typically the dab tool is only used when you want to treat the unit as a concentrate vaporizer, however, I used it in a different capacity.  The end of the dab tool is cylindrical which makes it perfect for packing down your weed. Most vapes have a stir tool that has a pointed end which is great for stirring, but not for packing as I find it just goes right through your material and creates a lumpy, uneven pack.

How to use your Flowermate V5.0s Pro

Once everything is packed, the Flowermate V5 makes it easy to start vaping.  The glass mouthpiece is stored in the bottom of the unit and is easily screwed into the chamber.  Some vapes have their buttons flush with the surface, but the V5 Pro has the on/off button and the temperature adjustment buttons protruding out slightly making it easy to use.  Five clicks turns it on and off in a breeze. As soon as it is turned on, the front OLED screen lights up and the oven begins to warm up. The OLED is simple, it displays the current temperature, the desired temperature and has a thermometer icon that fills up as you reach your desired degree.  Once your target is reached the thermometer starts to blink to indicate that you are ready to vape.

Quick heat for a long life

The standout feature is really the heating time and battery life.  I was able to hit 372 Fahrenheit in only 9 seconds! At first I thought I wasn’t using it properly and had to turn it on and off again, but sure enough it was that quick.

The Flowermate V5 Pro has a pretty big temperature range that goes from 104 °F(40°C) to 446 °F(230°C).  You will need this full spectrum to vape concentrates or get bigger clouds.

The V5 is the Energizer bunny of affordable vapes.  I have had vapes where the battery indicator starts plunging after 2 or 3 sessions, but not with the Pro.  Once charged fully, you will be able to get at least 15-20 sessions or 2.5 hours of vaping. It is the most impressive power that I have seen of any portable vaporizer.

Performance- Taste, Pull, Clouds, Oh My!

I thought the taste was pretty good even with the dry White Widow sativa I was using.  Although I do think there are vapes out there that give you better flavour, the Flowermate will not disappoint you.  You will be able to enjoy all of the terpenes in your favourite strains without much worry. The flavour, like most connduction vapes tasted better at lower temperatures, so I don’t recommend going above 390 °F.

I have read other comments from Flowermate users that they had difficulty getting big clouds.  I didn’t experience this issue, but I did pull slow and steady. The clouds were large with medium density and that was good enough for me, as I am not really a cloud chaser.  I was vaping between 370-390 °F for most sessions and was able to get clouds with every pull.

The draw resistance with this vaporizer slightly above average, although it was not overwhelming.  The good news with the V5 Pro is that if you want a cooler, easier draw you can adjust the slide on the bottom of the unit.  I really loved this option and it did decrease the resistance slightly, but over performed in cooling the vapour. I was vaping in the cold Canadian winter, so opening up the bottom really cooled the vapour and produced a really smooth hit.  Another way to decrease the draw resistance is to use the dry herb pod.  I believe that the pod uses the chamber space perfectly makes drawing easier.


Design, Discretion and Portability

The Pro looks almost like an e-cig box mod which I thought is handy if you want to disguise what you are vaping.  The anodized aluminium shell looks modern enough, however, the shape is boxy and doesn’t have a unique appeal to it.

Once you put this vaporizer in your hand you will notice it has a nice weighty, solid feel to it.  It doesn’t feel cheap and looks like it can take a few serious falls (not tested!) and continue to perform.

Due to the rectangular design, I wouldn’t classify this as the smallest device available in the marketplace, but it still has a smaller footprint than other popular vapes like the Crafty and Boundless CFV.  The official size is 4″ x 2.5″ x 0.75″ (10.1 x 6.3 x 1.9 cm) and 140 grams and will definitely fit in your pocket.

The ceramic oven, as discussed earlier is an average size and will handle .3 grams comfortably.  I was able to get nice toasty, dark brown ABV after most sessions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

With the Flowermate V5.0s Pro it feels that everything comes apart and is easy to maintain.  The mouthpiece can separate from the metal end and be placed in isopropyl alcohol separately, so that all the little nooks and crannies of the piece can be cleaned.

On the maintenance side, I thought the chamber was simple to dust out as the bottom opens and you can blow through the end of the device to get tiny particles out of the oven in a few quick exhales.  I don’t think it was designed that way, but we all have our secret tips and tricks for each vape that helps you through your session.

Overall, I would give the Flowermate V5.0s Pro 7.5/10.  If you pick up this vape today, you won’t believe what you are getting for the price.  I had modest expectations of this unit when I received it, but it far exceeded my expectations.  The drawbacks of this vape are minor and I would highly recommend this to beginners and regular vapers alike.



2.5 hour battery life

Great performance for the price

Rapid heating time

Easy to use-switch on and start vaping

Smooth hits from glass mouthpiece and cooling slide

Easy to clean


Flavour could be a little better

Chamber screens of oven are not snug



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