Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review

Storz and Bickel practically launched the entire vaporizer market with their classic Volcano desktop vaporizer and the best in class portable; the Mighty.  Storz and Bickel are known for their high quality, german engineered vapes. The Crafty was designed as the Mighty’s little brother and does not disappoint.


Crafty; Honey, I shrunk the Mighty

The Crafty is a dry herb/concentrate portable vaporizer with a hyrbid conduction/convection ceramic oven.  Made from medical grade components it shares many of the same features of the Mighty.

The vaporizer comes in some fairly generic packaging.  There is no wow factor in the presentation of the device (pretty German, eh?), but the inside is packed with a bunch of fully functional accessories and add ins.  The inside of the package is styrofoam versus some of the more modern vapes I have reviewed that have a cell phone or watch type wrapping. But, you don’t vape the packaging, so this isn’t really a problem.

The accessories are all function, function, function.  Included with the Crafty are 3 seals for maintenance, 3 spare screens, a dosing capsule, a cleaning brush, filling tool, wall/usb charger, herb mill (grinder) and the world’s biggest instruction manual.  The grinder, filling aid and dosing capsule are definitely my favourites.

The grinder is 3 inches in diameter and made from high end, hardened plastic.  You would think that the plastic teeth would be dull and just mash your herb. Wrong! These teeth are sharp and really shred.  Your cannabis just disappears into finely ground material once you start to turn your grinder. I was impressed. It is also very easy to grip, as the edges are beveled like a coin.

If you have read my other reviews you know that I am not a big fan of the ‘’session prep’’.  I just like to fire my weed into the vape and get started as quickly as I can. This is where the loading chamber comes in handy.  The chamber is made from 3 parts; an upper deck, a lower deck and a plug in the middle that prevents material from falling through.  The unit is design to twist and lock into your Crafty, so that you can just nudge your dose into the oven without spillage. I really like this tool and used it as a storage container for my pre-ground weed.  I even used it with some of my other vapes that have a cylindrical bowl. You won’t be able to lock it in, but you are able align the middle hole over your oven and gently push your herb into the chamber.

Another great inclusion with the Crafty is the dosing capsule.  The only drawback of the capsule is that you only get one. I was able to preload the capsule and take it with me when I go out.  If you are hiking or skiing you know how difficult it can be to deal with gloves, wind or rain to load your vape. The dosing capsule solves this problem as you can fill it in your house and take it on the go.  An added benefit is that it will keep your Crafty cleaner for a longer period of time as the ABV is all contained in your capsule. I also felt that it gave me smoother hits than simply loading material directly into the chamber.

Getting started with the Crafty

The Crafty comes with the unit charged to 80% capacity, so you can start right away, but I prefer a fully charged device.  To fully charge the battery you will need to locate the usb port by removing the stir tool device located at the bottom of the Crafty.

Once charged, it is best to burn off the oils and smells that are common in brand new vapes coming from the factory.  The Crafty did not have as much smell as I have noticed with other vaporizers, so I was able to eliminate this in 4 empty chamber burn offs.

To load the device you will remove the cooling unit by turning it counterclockwise.  At first it will be a little stiff, so use some elbow grease and don’t be afraid to twist hard.  Loading is easy with the filling aid; you can choose to lock this into the chamber or just free pour.  The chamber is nice and wide, which allows you to hit a big target with minimal spillage. Make sure that you don’t overfill the bowl as it will increase your draw resistance.  Once loaded, just twist the cooling unit back on and you are ready to start.

The Crafty doesn’t mess around.  To start vaping you press the big orange button at the bottom of the vaporizer.  I always wonder why other vapes have you hitting the button 3 or 5 times; why not once!  Once you hit the power button, the Crafty starts heating up immediately. The green LED indicates that the vaporizer is heating up and will turn blue once the ideal temperature (which will start at 356°C, if you have not used the app) has been reached.

To start inhaling you swing the straw like piece from the cooling unit outward and start pulling.  I liked the design of this feature as you don’t have to put up with any wide or hidden mouthpiece, as we have seen with other devices.  It’ simple and easy to use.

Temperature Control- The vape slow cooker

The Crafty is more of a slow cooker than microwave.  I was averaging around 90 seconds to get to 371 F. While this is longer than most vapes, the Crafty takes it’s time to produce tasty, thick clouds that will knock your socks off.  Storz is known for creating some of the best conduction/convection hybrid ovens in the industry. This means that your herb gets the double benefit of a warm ceramic oven, and an extra push of hot air through the material, maximizing all the cannabinoids in your stash.

The temperature range with the app is wide enough to hit those big temps for waxes/oils and other concentrates.  Officially the app goes from 104°F – 410°F (40°C – 210°C), but I usually stay sub 390°F.

As a result, the Crafty hits pretty hard, so if you are use to taking big, long hauls you will need to adjust your style.  I had to sip this vape as my first couple hits punched me right in the face and I liked it. The impact was immediate and I was able to realize dense white plumes at low temperatures.

Design and Ease of Use

The design of the Crafty is very unique and difficult to describe with words.  The outer shell is made from plastic and the ribbed body feels sturdy in your hand which improves the grip and prevents unexpected falls.  The body combined with the separated columns gives it a ‘’steampunk’’ type look. It is not the most stealthy vaporizer in the market, however, it is only 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches deep and 1.3 inches wide and much smaller than its big brother, the Mighty.  It also has a fairly decent weight at 4.8oz (~136g)

A great feature that I really appreciated was the integrated stir tool in the bottom of the unit.  It is really handy to have this orange pick inside the device, so that you don’t have to haul around an extra piece that you might lose late at night.

The ceramic bowl is circular, deep and wide making it easy to load with or without the filling aid.  For me, the .30 gram size is enough to get me though any session and the Storz and Bickel grinder does a great job shredding herb allowing you to maximize this volume.

The Craft App

The Crafty app expands the capabilities of the vaporizer by adding customized degree level temperature control, booster control, LED brightness, session times and more.  Downloading the app is pretty simple as it is available on all platforms (i.e. apple app store). To connect the device, you will need to input the serial number on the bottom of the unit.  I experienced a little difficulty with the connection because my serial number had zeroes or ohs. After a few combinations it connected and I haven’t had any issues since.

Overall, I did feel that the app was designed to prevent fake vaporizers through serial number registration, rather than enhance the vaping experience.  I prefer the temperature control on the body of my vapes instead of in an app. However, the app grew on me after awhile and I love the hours of operation feature which displays the amount of time you have spent using the Crafty.


This vaporizer is a high performer (no pun intended).  The vapour is great, the clouds are thick and dense and it hits hard.

The draw resistance is low and the best out of any vaporizer I have ever used.  This was despite me packing tight or light or too much or too little. I would include this in the category of consistency.  No matter what I threw at this vape or how much I packed, it still delivered the same hard hitting high. This makes it perfect for beginners because you can’t mess up your pack.  I hate to use this cliche, but it is German engineering at it’s best.

Battery Life

Every vape has it’s Kryptonite and for the Crafty it is the battery life.  Once you start with the Crafty you will want to make it your daily driver, but if you are a heavy user the battery life will be a burden.

The Crafty is powered by one lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last 45-50 minutes depending on what temperature you are using.  All told you might be able to squeeze out 5 sessions on one charge. The other small beef I had was with pass through charging, which only works when you have more than 20% left in your battery.  For a guy who lets his gas light come on then drives an extra 30 kms, this is a pain point for me. I would be on low battery then plug it in to use, but not able to vape due to this restriction.

The Crafty charges in 2 hours, so most users will be plugging it in once or twice a week.  It uses a mini USB attachment which is convenient as I have 100 of those around my house (although you are only supposed to use the one that came with the vaporizer).

Overall Crafty Rating

As of right now, the Crafty is my portable vaporizer of choice for dry flower.  The ease of use, combined with the hard hitting performance and low draw resistance makes this a best in class vape.  Overall, I would give this vaporizer a 9/10, driven by its performance capabilities.  A longer battery life would give it an extra half point.  My version has a battery that lasts an extra 20%, so I hope Storz and BIckel continues to improve in this area.


Accessories- the filling aid, dosing capsule and grinder enhance the vaping experience.

Performance- the cooling unit produces tasty, cool, dense vapour that will put you on your heels in a good way.

Ease of use- you can’t overpack or under pack this vape...i’ve tried.

Draw resistance- the way all vaporizers should be; like sipping on an empty straw.


Battery life- it’s so good you will want to use it all the time, but 5 sessions is all before requiring a charge.

Size- if you wanted a very discreet vape, this isn’t it.  Still small enough for a pocket or purse.

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