Are Vaporizers Worth It?

Are Vaporizers Worth It?

Should I Buy a Vaporizer?

This is probably one of the bigger questions that individuals are asking themselves as they wade into the legal consumption of cannabis.  To answer this question you will need to consider the following benefits listed below.

Many traditionalists love the approach of rolling a joint, and relaxing.  While this methodology is still popular, vaporizers have come a long way since they were introduced in the early 2000s.

Benefits of a Marijuana Vaporizer

In many ways, vaping cannabis is more beneficial than nearly any other way of ingesting cannabis via heat and inhalation. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Less Irritation

Although marijuana has many benefits, smoking marijuana via normal combustion (i.e., direct heating with fire from a match or lighter) is not too healthy. In fact, smoking anything often results in lung irritation.  Remember those days in your 20s taking a big draw on a joint and then pretending it didn't hurt while simultaneously hacking up a lung?

Enter vaporizers. They are designed to limit, if not outright eradicate, lung irritation. Because they heat the herb material at a lower temperature than direct contact with fire does, your vape device produces an inhalable vapor.

A Smoother, Higher High

Because the lower heating temperature produces less tar, the pull is cleaner, which means the high is, too. If you’re the type who holds the smoke in your lungs after inhaling, vaping will more likely be less irritating on your lungs and result in a smoother hit and a cleaner high. There is no tar to mar the effects or the smoothness of the pull.

Although marijuana has been around a long time, few studies have been conducted on the difference between traditional inhalation and vapour inhalation.  One study however, listed a huge difference between the percentage of cannabinoids inhaled in a joint versus vaping.  Cannabinoid consumption was 25% compared to 46% using vaporizers.  


First, there is the emission of vapor and smell. Although some desktop and portable vaporizers give off some sort of vapor and/or smell, vape pens generally don’t give off much of a vape cloud or smell.

Second, a vape pen is designed to look like a regular pen. It’s easy to hold in your hand and take a quick pull whenever the occasion calls for it. In public, hitting a vape pen is certainly more discreet than a puffing on a joint or one-hitter.

If you’re puffing on vaporized dry herb, there is likely to be a smell of weed upon exhalation, but there is less of a cloud. If you’re puffing on vaporized oil or wax, then you’ll likely enjoy puffing away without anyone noticing anything at all. It becomes easy to take it virtually anywhere.

Either way, the "skunky" smell associated with joints will not be produced when vaping.

Best Taste

Have you ever heard someone complain that their vaped weed tastes burnt? If so, then it’s usually because the smoker vaped it too much, which results in a burnt taste.

However, if you don’t overheat your herbal material, you might just notice how much flavor vaping delivers. You can taste those pine, lemon, grape, or strawberry notes much better, which makes for a much tastier experience.


While it’s true that some vape machines do incur a costly initial investment, in the long run, you’re likely to spend less money to medicate or keep yourself high.

A recent study found that burning a joint converts only about 25% of the THC, which means most of the psychoactive chemicals are going to waste. However, the same study found that vaporizers convert nearly twice as much (around 46%) THC. This means you can get high or medicated on less herb, which means more sessions per vape pen cartridge.

By vaping, you’re using the most enjoyable marijuana consumption method possible.

Although there a many great poratbles out ther we recommend the following:

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And of course, you are going to need some advice on how to grind your weed, so check out our buying guide on grinders.

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